Change Log for m3w

News for Version 3.3

As a major change, the volume compression dialog has now sliders to set the different parameters and the dialog window can be used concurrently with the main window. This allows interactive changes to the parameters. Simplifying good settings for this most complex part of m3w.

There were two bugs removed from the auto gain code, which prevented changes of the settings to take effect without restarting the encoding. Further, the checkbox for auto gain will now be disabled if the soundcard does not support a mixing device.

Four new parameters were added for use in configuration files or commandlines to control the switching between linear and logarithmic scales, the switching between input and output volume of the volume meter, as well as setting the repeat check box in the input file section, and to start with a detached resizable volume meter. Now, I hope, all settings that can be made in the GUI can be made persistent by saving them to a configuration file.

News for Version 3.2

A new resizable volume meter was added to help controll live audio input. The help file got an overhaul; the default bitrate is now 64kBit, the prevoius 32kBit seemed outdated.

News for Version 3.1

A comma was added as a thousends-separator to make the large numbers on the display mor readable.The volume meter is now switchable between linear and logarithmic display.

News for Version 3.0

The most significant change is, thanks to Philip Van Baren, the addition of an all digital volume compressor. As a consequence of his work also some internal details have been improved. Johan Henning contributed a neat way to start the standard Windows volume controlls and improvements for the automatic generation of file names..

News for Version 2.3

m3w now supports a UDP streaming mode and can handle input with 48kHz sample frequency.

News for Version 2.2

This is mostly a bug-fix version. In addition, the handling of output files was slightly improved. You can now just press the record button, and m3w will do what you expect it to do.

News for Version 2.1

WARNING: The file setup.exe containing version 2.1 that was posted here between Monday, May 8, 2006, 17:30 GMT and Thursday, May 11, 2006, 15:25 GMT contained a serious memory leak. The version that is posted here now does not contain this bug.

The buffer management has been rewritten. A autoname feature was added, to generate automatic filenames from date and time. A bug in the options code was fixed, which caused trouble in the japanese version. The output file is now written in shared read mode so that you can read and play the output file while it is still written.

News for Version 2.0 JA

A Japanese version of m3w was provided by Kotaro Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I do not know any Japanese and I am unable to fully appreciate the translation.

News for Version 2.0 FR

A Translation of m3w to French was provided by Pierre-Emmanuel Muller. Merci!
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News for Version 2.0

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